1. japoople

    Reach ROCKETS VS. CARS v2

    Fileshare gamertag: japoople8023 This map/gametype is based on an old GTA 5 online minigame i used to play back in the day. Two zombies with energy swords spawn in a room with vehicles (Warthogs, Mongooses, trucks, one cart). The zombies drive down a slope towards a small platform with all the...
  2. D

    Splatter Monkey! 19

    Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge
  3. V

    Infection Forest 2022-11-15

    Yes, this is working infection. NOTES: You must use "Infection Forest GM!!!!!" This is best experienced with outlines turned down or off (accessibility). Zombie outlines disappear when crouched. Thank you to all the testers!! If you want humans to have a different loadout simply change it in...
  4. L

    Infection - Core 1.0

    Core script for my Infection gametype script. Use in conjunction with my "Infection - Module (x)" scripts as desired. Requires an FFA gamemode with multiple rounds and no score limit to win, with shields off. Survivor loadouts are determined by the gamemode.
  5. P

    Detatchment Infection v1

    Infection! finally! (it if breaks blame 343)
  6. RushMyPancake

    Reach Phasmophobia (Scripted Infection Mode) 2021-11-26

    Map: Phas: Laboratory Gamemode: Phasmophobia Gamertag: RushMyPancake Phasmophobia is an infection gametype based on the ghost-hunting game of the same name. In the real game, the ghost hunters need to find evidence of the paranormal while avoiding being killed during a hunt. The same applies...
  7. B

    Reach ZM_Resurgence 3 1.0.0

    The Oni Base provided you with intel on a certain scientist working on a cure. You found the scientist cowering in his quarters at the research station. He says he knows how to put an end to all this, but to do so, you must venture into the heart of the outbreak. In a cave system where patient...
  8. TonnyT

    Reach Icecream Man 2021-05-21

    Hey, TonnyT here, I originally created this map ten years ago on 360. Now that MCC is out I decided it needed a facelift. Fans of old Halo 3 customs will be familiar with Icecream Man! But this has my own added twists. Icecream Man Map: Forge World Gametype: Icecream Man Recommended lobby...
  9. TonnyT

    Reach Rocket Run 2021-05-21

    Hey, TonnyT here, Back with another asymmetric infection minigame. This time it's Rocket Run! Rocket Run Map: Forge World Gametype: Incoming! Recommended lobby size: (8-16) Rocket Run pits a single rocketeer on a rocket hog against a horde of angry mongeese. The course is divided into four...
  10. TonnyT

    Reach Stepping Stones 1.1

    Hey, TonnyT here, Oh boy, this one really got away from me. I originally made this map over ten years ago, and I have seen so many versions and even re-makes of it out in the wild. It was even reviewed by Rooster Teeth! I really appreciate all the love and support guys. Well, now we have MCC...
  11. B

    H4 Assassin's Creed 1.0.0

    Lots of parkour and advanced movement elements. Flood can only be killed by assassinations. Level design is inspired by Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Assassins can team up to take down flood, with 1 player sword clashing to distract the flood while another sneaks up behind. Custom gametype is...
  12. B

    H4 [INF] Alien Isolation 1.0.1

    Inspired by the BAFTA award winning sci-fi horror game "Alien Isolation". This map places you and your crew inside a compromised space station. Use your wits and various hiding places to out manoeuvre and out smart the alien. The alien also has access to vents to stalk their prey from above...
  13. RushMyPancake

    H3 Zombie Spleef 2021-02-04

    Map/Gametype: Zombie Spleef Gamertag: RushMyPancake Zombie Spleef is a minigame which is most similar to Termites. In Termites, players stood on pallets that the zombie would rocket/laser from below, aiming to break a hole in the floor in order to get the survivors to fall. The difference...
  14. B

    H4 SLV - Minas Tirith 1.0.2

    Defend the 7 elevations of the white city 1 level at a time, destroying siege towers, and opening gates to the next holdout locations. Weapons can be purchased in various locations with points earned throughout the round. Points can be earned from kills made within safe havens and by completing...
  15. TonnyT

    Reach Duck Hunt 2.0

    Hey, TonnyT here, Duck Hunt remains a fan favorite since it's debut in Halo 3 customs, but I have found it difficult to locate a good quality Duck Hunt for Halo Reach. To that end I present to you my own version of Duck Hunt! Duck Hunt: Map: Forge World Gametype: Duck Hunt Recommended lobby...
  16. B

    Reach ZM_Resurgence 2 1.1.0

    You got lucky last night. You happened to crash land at an ONI base of all places. Nice wide open sight lines, plenty of ammunition to go around, and to top it all off there was a Pelican, untouched, waiting for you to make your escape. Now you find yourself at this resort. Ammo is scarce, the...
  17. RushMyPancake

    H3 Slasher (PC) 2020-08-21

    Slasher is a mode similar to modes like Slasher in GTA V and Slasher in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, who would've guessed? The gameplay is essentially a Michael Myers mode in which one (mostly) invulnerable player has a gravity hammer and has to hunt down the survivors on the map...
  18. B

    Reach ZM_Resurgence 1.0.2

    A spiritual successor to the origins series. You and your squad awaken after an AA turret took your bird out of the sky. It seems this ONI controlled air base has been compromised. Fight your way through the facility to reach the Pelican transport waiting in the hangar, as you are mercilessly...
  19. Saint Taaka

    H3 Soul Asylum 1

    This is a re-upload of a map I got off of Forgehub in 2009. It was made by a user named Seaboro Kibbles who hasn't been on in 7 years. All credit goes to the original author. A predator game at heart, the objective is to survive the cloaked zombie's wrath. In this game you'll notice that whom...
  20. Saint Taaka

    H3 The City v3 1

    This is a re-upload of a map I found on forgehub in 2009 made by a guy named Something. He hasn't been online in almost 10 years so I wasn't able to ask permission. All credit goes to the author. The game starts out with humans scattered around a city with no waypoints above their heads and...