Terms and rules

General Rules:

  • Use common sense: if you're a logical and reasonable person, your judgement should make for a perfect set of rules to abide by. We encourage free-thinking as long as it does not break the following rules.
  • Respect others: any racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive actions will not be tolerated. Directly insulting another member is not allowed. Any hateful, harassing, or insulting actions are forbidden.
  • Do not post spam: any post that either A). has no correlation to the thread topic, or B). does not contain a sensible amount of content is considered spam. This varies based on the nature of the thread posted in, but short posts which do not contribute to the thread they are posted in will be considered spam.
  • Do not take part in disruptive behavior: any behavior which threatens the functioning of this site and its staff will be considered disruptive.
  • Do not post links to any malicious or illegal material. This includes links to pornography, offensive websites, and pirated software.
  • Do not create multiple (proxy) accounts.

Avatar Rules:

  • The max file size of an avatar image is 50 kb.
  • No images breaking any of the general rules are allowed.

Signature Rules:

  • Signature pictures are not allowed, in order to prevent visual cluttering in the forums.
  • You may have up to two lines of text in your signature.

Forum-Specific Rules:

  • Some forums such as the custom games forum and maps forum have additional forum-specific rules. Be sure to check for rules of this sort whenever visiting a forum for the first time.

Warning System:

  • If at all possible, disciplinary action will be avoided, and offenders will simply receive a warning message.
  • If an offender receives a warning and continues to break site rules, warning points will be assigned.
  • Warning points expire over time, but once stacked will begin to disable privileges for the offender. Breaking some rules will result in more warning points than others.
  • 5 points: Discouraged (the website will take an extensive period of time to load for the offender)
  • 6 points: One week ban
  • 7 points: Two week ban
  • 8 points: One month ban
  • 9 points: Two month ban
  • 10 points: Permanent ban

HaloCustoms forum staff are here to ensure that the best possible forum experience is had by all, and will be enforcing these rules in order to make this happen. if you see another member breaking these rules, we encourage you to report their post in order to notify a staff member. If you have any questions, the staff are here to answer them, and can be contacted via tickets. Welcome to HaloCustoms.com, enjoy your stay!

-All the best, from the HaloCustoms forum staff