1. Squilliam

    Magnetic Boots! 2022-12-21

    Essentially enables a wall-grip function, but can be used for Wall running!
  2. Squilliam

    Green Energy Sword 2022-06-29

    Poke file, shoot the sidekick.
  3. Squilliam

    100% Accuracy on All Weapons (No Recoil) 2022-06-10

  4. Squilliam

    Samurai Energy Sword 2022-06-09

  5. Squilliam

    Fixed Super Grapple 2022-06-08

  6. PinkKnight

    Custom AI Color (Black) 1

    1.Make sure to apply this mod in the mainmenu first 2.Pick Eridanus Sunset for the edited color 3.Enjoy