Reach Frontlines 4.5

The gametype and maps can be downloaded off of my fileshare under "CantFunkUp"


Frontlines is a Spartan vs Elite or Spartan vs Spartan gametype in which both teams are fighting for one territory at a time in order to advance the frontline. Upon a successful territorial capture, teams must withhold against an enemy counter-attack in order for them to proceed to the next territory.

By default, teams have two minutes to attack/defend a territory, after which the roles change. When the final territory is reached, the attackers have four minutes to plant a bomb at the enemy HQ and win the game.

Each team has a limited amount of tickets, which is tracked in the scoreboard. Successfully capturing or defending a territory replenishes a few extra tickets for that team. When a team runs out of tickets, they will lose the game, regardless of how far they've pushed on the map.


In Frontlines, each team has special classes that come with their own custom abilities. Elites take on the appearance of ones from campaign, with their armor changing depending on their class. Tier 2 unlocks after 5 minutes, and Tier 3 unlocks after 10 minutes.

Spartan custom abilities
Corpsman - Fortify: Nearby allies will receive +10% damage resistance and faster shield recharge.
Operator - Faster movement speed.
Grenadier - Resupply grenades over time.
Marksman - 50m motion tracker range.
Juggernaut - 1.5x overshield, but with a bigger hitbox.

Elite custom abilites
Spec Ops - Trades shielding for unlimited active camo, completely invisible even while moving.
Warden - Overcharge: When activated, plasma weapons of nearby allies and themselves will not overheat for a limited time.
Champion - Berserk: When shields drop, pull out an energy sword and gain resistance to incoming damage.
Zealot - 1.5x overshield, but can only use the energy sword.

Map creation.png

Team Setup:
Frontlines: Red team is Spartans, blue team is Elites
Frontlines Insurrection: Red team is UNSC, blue team is Insurrectionists

There are two version of Frontlines. The standard version supports 47x scaling, while the "Tx" version supports Rabid MagicMan's Titan scale (330x).

Frontlines has limited support for features from Weesee's
Anvil Editor. Anvil's team-specific scaling modifiers should work for the 47x version, but the 330x version only supports Green Team shadow casting and Purple Team invincibility.

Spawner sequences 7-25 are available in Frontlines. Please see Anvil Editor's documentation for each item.

Gametype Requirements
In order for a map to work in Frontlines, the HQ and frontline territories need to be set up. Each team will need to have an object, such as a hill marker, set to the same team with the gametype label HQ. Players will always be able to spawn at their HQ regardless of where the frontline is.

To define the frontline locations, there should be multiple hill markers (or other objects) positioned in a linear fashion, with the spawn sequences ascending in order from 1. These should have the label FRONTLINE. Spawn sequence 1 will always be the Spartans' last territory, while the highest spawn sequence will always be the Elites'. The teams for these markers should be set to whoever initially owns the territory. If there are an odd number of territories, the one in the middle can be set to a neutral team.

Map-specific options
By default, Frontlines is set to look for specific game type options defined by the map itself for easier hosting on the Custom Games Browser. To set these options, an object needs to be placed down with the corresponding gametype label:

Lives - s_lives
The spawn sequence multiplied by 10 is the amount of lives each team starts with. A good default value is 12 for 16 players (120 lives).

First Attack - s_first_attack
Spawn sequence 0: Both teams will be attacking a neutral frontline at the start of the match.
Spawn sequence 1: The Spartans will start off attacking the Elites' frontline.
Spawn sequence 2: The Elites will start off attacking the Spartans' frontline.

Lives Added - s_lives_added
The spawn sequence is how many lives are added upon successfully capturing or defending a territory. A good default value is between 3-5 for 16 players.

After this, the map is now ready to be played.
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