Event HaloCustoms vs the World: June Edition
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Greetings, HaloCustoms. There has been a serious lack of custom game events around here lately and we're pretty bummed out about it. What sort of a Halo forum are we if we don't host official custom lobbies every now and then, right? Well, that just so happens to be why I'm here today! Some of you might have witnessed a peculiar tweet in which the mystery-man behind our Twitter noticed an ominous scent coming from the distance. As it turns out, their senses were spot on because we're announcing the fourth installation of our HaloCustoms vs the World event!

If you aren't aware, HaloCustoms vs the World is a weekend-long event in which the staff and our wonderful community join forces to dominate the forces of evil in Halo 5's (and maybe even MCC's) Matchmaking. Much of the event will take place in the BTB playlist...
Event Community versus Community: Saturday Lobby Recap
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Yesterday, we embarked on our second endeavor to prove our superiority to the pathetic plebeians lovely folks over at 343 Industries Community Forum. After they wiped the floor with us we let them win at Friday's lobby, it was time for some payback. This time around, we brought in the big guns with special guests MATCLAN and Vetoed as well as SteelGreen, deathwish9x, CDX34, and Greenh2. Fellow staffer, Jesus in Malibu, was also on standby for moral support...

Event Community versus Community: Friday Lobby Recap

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Yesterday, we held our first Community versus Community event with 343i Community Forum. The lobby began with a few warm up matches on several maps including Brutalist, Solasium, and Citadel. It was at this time that I remembered how bad I am at Halo. Nevertheless, I was positive that Team HaloCustoms would claim this victory with the likes of Sky, CDX34 , and SteelGreen on our side. When the members of 343i Community Forum began to show their prowess on the virtual battlefield, however, that mindset quickly shifted. Thus begins the tale of the greatest rekking of our time...

Game 1 - Slayer on Perseus

HaloCustoms - 10 | 343i Community Forum - 50

Game 1 was the storm before the storm (yes, you read that right). Those of us on Team HaloCustoms entered the match with our hopes high, but it was all for naught in the end. Our...

Community vs Community: 343i Edition

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Hello, HaloCustards! Before you ask, no, I didn't spell "Staff" wrong in the title. Since you guys couldn't seem to beat the staff more than once in the past, we thought it was about time to take a break from SvC and to introduce a new, similar event; Community versus Community!

Community versus Community is a small event that'll provide the residents of HaloCustoms with an opportunity to represent our forum. The concept is simple; HaloCustoms and their adversaries will pool together a group of Spartans to fight for their honor in a series of three best-of-five matches over the course of this coming weekend. These matches can range from Swat on Riptide to race on Bowser's Castle! Now, this is where the community comes in. Each forum community can choose a total of seven maps and modes to be played during the event. The fun part is that we can choose...

Event HaloCustoms Saves the World

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HaloCustoms vs the World? Guess again! This time we're teaming up to save the world from Covenant and Promethean alien baddies! If you haven't heard, the Warzone Firefight beta is live now until Tuesday, April 19th! As with every new mode, we're taking this opportunity to team up with the community in this limited time beta! The new mode only supports up to 8 players so we're spreading out into multiple lobbies to accommodate for the demand. We'll be streaming this event live on our official Twitch channel along with recording the events to mash together in a recap video on our new official YouTube channel! So come on down this weekend, bring your REQs (and please don't sell your Prophet's Banes... adderrson) and let's...

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