Deals Deals with Gold: July 5th

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An extra special Deals with Gold post this week as it is what Microsoft is branding as the "Ultimate Game Sale".

With over 250 sale items across both Xbox One and Xbox 360, there's plenty to choose from. Including a plethora of Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 games.

On these big sales I don't usually make any recommendations but I just wanted to point out that Red Dead Redemption is 75% off and will be added as a backwards compatibility title this friday.

Remember, I mark Xbox 360 content that is backwards compatible with :awesome:. As per the usual, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below...

Deals Deals with Gold: June 28th

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This week is a good week for fans of the Mass Effect series. Not so great for everyone else though.

Over on Xbox One there really isn't much to recommend other than Titanfall Deluxe Edition at 75% off. The game is still pretty fun and it's cloud based online play is frankly buttery smooth. Personally if you're interested in this title, I would still wholeheartedly recommend considering investing in an EA access subscription in it's place. Seeing how it is one of the titles included in "The Vault".

Over on Xbox 360 Titanfall is also on sale. The main attraction however is the fact that all premium DLC for Mass Effect 2/3 is currently 50% off. If you're a fan of the series and are missing any of these paid expansions, now might be the time to buy. :-3

As per the usual, all of this week's deals for both...

Deals Deals with Gold: June 21st

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In the week following E3, we have some more fairly unremarkable discounts across both platforms.

Once again the main recommendation this week is more free content with another Battlefield 4 DLC pack; Battlefield 4 Second Assault. This one is available on both platforms but I'd like to assume that most of you by now would be interested in the Xbox One version of this content.

On Xbox 360 this week I'd recommend the Gears of War 2: All Fronts Collection at 50% Off. Providing all the DLC content for a recent games with gold title at one low price. If I remember correctly their's some pretty fun single player content that adds a stealthy segment to the campaign. This...

Deals Deals with Gold: June 14th

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One could call this the Deals with Gold E3 edition, but Xbox One this week features many of the usual suspects.

Following the announcement of Forza Horizon 3, this week primarily proves to be a sale across Xbox One iterations of the series. My recommendation sits with Limbo this week, which is 100% off. As it's a very atmospheric platformer focusing very much on trial and error. Also who doesn't like free stuff?

Over on Xbox 360 is what only can be described as a complete and utter tease. With 3 titles that many will be itching to play on Backwards Compatibility, being slashed in price. Front and centre with these discounts is...

Deals Deals with Gold: May 31st

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Looks like we're in for another dry spell folks! This week's deals were released a little later than usual, so I didn't have time to get them out to you yesterday as planned. As it happens though, you're not missing much.

So yes, Grand Theft Auto V and Battleborn are both 35% Off on Xbox One. However those interested in the former likely already own it by now and those interested in the latter are probably eyeing up or even playing Overwatch instead.

The only thing I can honestly recommend this week is Battlefield Hardline Getaway at 100% off. As well... it's free. This...

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