Deals Deals with Gold: April 20th

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Getting a feeling of Deja Vu? Well you're not the only one. I hate to say it but once again but there's not much to shout about this week.

No point mentioning anything on Xbox 360 this week as there's no 'Back Compat' content on sale and frankly, I've made the joke about Farming Simulator 15 already in the past.

Over on Xbox One, Destiny's "The Taken King" expansion is a whopping* 25% off. The only good deal in my opinion is Borderlands: The Handsome Collection at 60% off. The problem here being that this particular game has...

Deals Deals with Gold: April 12th

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A day late again? Well I assure you that you won't be a dollar short this week.

Once again we are faced with disappointment as the lacklustre savings persist. On Xbox 360 this week there's no Back Compat content on sale and not really anything that screams "BUY ME", unless you are a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of course. :p

All joking aside though, if you are of the gambling sort and fancy putting on your tin foil hat this week, I guess I could recommend Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix at 75% off. Due to being a cult icon and requiring little resources to run, it's an ideal candidate for future Backwards Compatibility support.

Over on Xbox One we are simply faced with crushed dreams...

Deals Deals with Gold: April 5th

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So then... you thought that last weeks offerings were lacklustre? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet!

It's seriously slim pickings this week. On the Xbox 360 side of things there are only 4 items on sale, none of which are backwards compatible and one of the 4 sale items used to be a free download. Ouch.

Things are not much better on Xbox One either and the only thing I can honestly recommend is the Complete Forza Horizon 2 Add-Ons Collection at 60% off which contains every last piece of content ever released for the game (there's quite a lot). If you're a race fan and only have base game and enjoyed playing Horizon 2. I'd highly recommend this offer. For everyone else however, download...

Deals Deals with Gold: March 29th

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In the aftermath of the Spring Sale, this week's deals are in a word; unremarkable.

The highlight of the deals this week is Evolve at 67% off. But realistically seeing as it's very internet dependent with a very low population of players, I can't honestly recommend it to anyone. Here's hoping it will be available via Games with Gold in the coming months.

On the Xbox 360 I have no recommendations this week as there are no Backwards Compatible titles, or even ones confirmed to be supported in the future. As per the usual though, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below...

Deals Deals with Gold: Spring Sale 2016

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So what happened to the Spring Sale starting on Sunday? Turns out Microsoft simply started a sale on it's Microsoft Store on Xbox One hardware in a sale that appears to be US exclusive. How anti-climactic.

However now that Tuesday has passed, the real Spring Sale has emerged in all it's glory offering a range of discounts although nothing we haven't seen before. I maintain that the best offers right now are the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility titles.


Overall there are so many titles on offer that I'm going to avoid any real reconsiderations other than the cheap Xbox 360 titles that can bolster up your Xbox One library.

There has been no confirmation of any daily deals this time around and instead it seems likely that they'll be some weekend discounts to round off the sale. Only time...

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