AlexVan123 QnA Answers - Better Late Than Never...

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Hello? Is this thing on?

Hey everyone!

In case you don't know me, hi! My name is Alex, and I am one of HaloCustoms' new content contributors / moderators. I previously worked on ForgeHub's content contribution team, and I led a group of five other staff members to create a series of content for users across both the website, and the growing YouTube channel. I enjoy indie games, Halo, cats, and long walks on the beach. A few of you have chatted with me already, but if you haven't, feel free to sent me a message saying hi!

Now, onto questions! (btw I'm answering every single one so everyone gets the cool badge)

deathwish9x asks:
- What is your name?

- What is your quest?

- What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

1, 2, 3. I still need to watch Monty Python.

Sky asks:
1. Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?
2.Which staff member with a symbol in their name is your...

It's a Man, it's a Van, it's...

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Staff Q&A is back! Kinda. We axed this series in 2015 because we wanted to focus our attention on the community. However, with the recent addition to our orange ranks being somewhat of a mystery-man around here, we thought it would be appropriate to let the community interrogate him a little. With that having been said, welcome to another installment of staff Q&A! You will be questioning our newest moderator, AlexVan123! There is a limit of three questions per member and the srs bzns trophy will be awarded to the cool members that ask cool questions. Let the questioning begin!
Community Interview with Black Picture, MythicFritz, & Randy 355 from Creative Force
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Recently, a particularly dark image released a comprehensive guide on setting forge maps up for matchmaking integration in Halo 5. From spawn placement, to weapon timers, the guide covers all of the nitty-gritty details requires to fine-tune maps to matchmaking standards.

black picture also teamed up with his fellow members of Creative Force to bring updated versions of Basin and Boulevard (originally created by 343 Industries and alex quit respectively) to the big team battle playlist.

I sat down with Mr. Picture as well as Randy 355 and MythicFritz (the new custodians of Basin and Boulevard) to chat about all three of these recent projects.

Psychoduck: Hello, and thanks for joining us...

Cool Community Interview: Buddhacrane

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"but Auburn, Buddha's not staff! He doesn't deserve a QnA!"​

He most certainly does. In fact, there are several members that are deserving of a little highlight for their contributions to the community. Buddhacrane just happens to be one of those cool guys, having been a prominent member of the community during Halo 3. He was out of action for awhile, but he just recently made a great comeback with the H2A Forge: Scripting Guide thread. We thought this would be a good start to a potential thing, so we asked Buddha some questions about his history in the community.


Auburn: So, Buddha...

Q&A Rob Aub of his Secrets!

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Well, the title almost worked.

Ladies and gents, it is once again time to grille a ripe orange fruit with deeply personal and downright obnoxious questions. This time, your friendly neighborhood Auburn will be the subject of the intense interrogation. You all know the drill by now: three questions per person, those who ask serious questions will receive the Srs Bzns trophy, etc. This thread will close once the flow of questions begins to grind to a halt.

Ask away!

Ask me cool stuff or ur b&.

:heart: Aub

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