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Srs Bzns Site Update 04/11/21
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Following up with the recent updates over on the community Discord server, here's an update to fill you in on changes made over on the website also.

The major change you may have noticed is the migration of the LFG Host Rating system from the site over to Discord. Although this does strip away a lot of the features the site-based system had, the change was made to help promote cohesive user engagement. The "Road to Platinum Host" has been preserved however, both in earnable Discord roles and legacy trophies/badges here on Any progress you may have made towards becoming a Platinum Host has also been transferred over allowing hosts to pick up where they left off.

The elephant in the room however is the "Road to Customs Connoisseur" which was coined to reward players whom attended custom games and rated hosts with the same kinds of recognition in the long run. Although this feature wasn't able to...
Srs Bzns Site Update: 12/23/19
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I'd just like to give a quick shoutout to our new Discord family. This site update's dedicated to you guys.

Back in the days of old when Xbox 360's ruled the online gaming world, HaloCustoms used an RSVP based lobby system but with a twist... the ability to rate your host and for hosts themselves to rise to the ranks of "Gold Host", something unprecedented in the Halo community all the back in 2012.

Years later we tried a server browser style model for custom games with a tonne of bonus features and honestly it was a flop, with most people who put time into giving it a go wanting to return to the previous RSVP model for custom games. The advent of an official in-game server browser on Halo 5 also inspired us that our efforts were best spent elsewhere within this passionate community.

Srs Bzns Site Update: 06/08/18
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Fun Fact: it's been a whopping 589 days since the last major site update. But after over a week of downtime HaloCustoms is back with a fresh lick of paint and an array of QOL updates, just in time for E3 2018! :eek:

This ongoing upgrade (which is about 80% complete) is a complete and total overhaul of the site. My goal here is try and incorporate all the things that have made HC great over the years like a greatest hits album of sorts.

So let's break down some of the changes;

Media Stream

As well as being the home page; rather than just being a place new articles go to disappear into relative obscurity, the Media Stream is now a fully featured blog with all 522 posts categorised lovingly by hand. The option to filter media stream posts by author will also be available soon. Categories and Authors also get their own featured slider for their respective...

Website Update - Important!

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Our user account system has updated to the more standardized Xbox Live login system. This will require everyone to re-associate their local user account with their Xbox Live gamertag.

If you forget your password and were a legacy user prior to Xbox Live login you can reset your password here.

If you were a new user after the implementation of Xbox Live login you do not have a password. Still, follow this link to set a password to your account. An email will be dispatched to the email address used for your Microsoft account.

News PSA: Sign-in Issues -- RESOLVED!

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Issues with signing in on HaloCustoms with custom gamerpics on Xbox Live have been resolved! :)

If any users encounter issues signing in or registering on HaloCustoms, we ask you to use the Contact Us form and submit a ticket to let us know that you're having issues.

As most of you surely know, we use Xbox Live accounts to seamlessly sign into HaloCustoms. While we are very happy with this system, it does lead to the occasional issue of a third-party change being made which negatively affects users' ability to log in on our website. One such change, the addition of the custom gamerpic feature on Xbox, is currently causing such an issue.

Users who have created a custom gamerpic appear to unable to sign into HaloCustoms at the moment. If you'd like to sign in, please avoid the use of this feature for the time being. If you already have a custom gamerpic but are still signed in to this site, you should be safe provided...

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