Deals Deals with Gold: September 22nd
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It's that time of the week again. This week, Wallet May Cry edition.
Yes I am rather fond of these low quality throwaway puns BUT, swiftly moving on.

On the Xbox One this week there are a wide array of discounts across the board, what stood out to me however is Devil May Cry 4 and Alien Isolation. Although I haven't played nor do I know much about these titles, I do know that they are well received in their respective genres with both at sizeable enough discounts to be considered for purchase. If you're looking for something to play up until...
Deals Deals with Gold: September 15th
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Greetings all, another week's content of Deals with Gold for you all.

On Xbox One we have a fairly predictable sale on this week consisting of items that regularly appear as discounted titles. My recommendation this week is Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island; further adding to the main game, Storm Island adds a new playable area and over 100 new events (mostly off-road) as well as new cars and new achievements. Overall at 50% off for owners of just the Forza Horizon 2 base game, this makes for a compelling offer.

Over on Xbox 360 there is a selection of Grand Theft Auto and Darksiders content on offer. This week I'm likely to recommend...
Deals July Ultimate Game Sale 2014
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The time has come once again for Microsoft to whip up a sale to try and pry us of the contents of our wallets with the July Ultimate Game Sale.

Although the sale spans both the Xbox One and Xbox 360, there is a real lack of content on Microsoft's latest system as all that's on sale on the Xbone right now is the digital version of Titanfall and the season pass for the latest cowaduty title. I know right? exciting stuff.

Fortunately however the Xbox 360 has a hearty collection of things on sale ranging from DLC, to XBLA titles, all the way up full blown retail games on digital download with discounts as high as 75%.

It's the usual fare from Microsoft though, a static selection of sale items and special one day sales (so fret not Xbox One owners, something worth buying might crop up later in the week).

Turns out no Xbox One content appeared in the sale over the course of the week.

As we are a...

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